Convert Text File to CSV using Python example included

As any computer user knows, the “undo” command is one of the most valuable functions in any program. With a single keystroke, you can instantly undo any change, whether deleting or moving. The most common way to access this feature is to simultaneously press the Ctrl + Z keys. Suppose you made a mistake while […]

How to open and convert an Excel file in Notepad?

Mozilla Firefox can also be opened JSON files. JSON format is considered as an independent file format. However, this format was originally based on a subset of JavaScript. Select CSV as the output file format and input a name for the file. Tap the name of a person to change their individual permissions or select […]

Download and install Notepad++ with winget

Specify the value of VariableSelectors as //@FirstName to select the FirstName element node to import as a table variable. Create a table using data from a specified region of the spreadsheet patients.xls. Use the data from the 5-by-3 rectangular region between the corners C2 and E6. Do not use the first row of this region […]