A lot of people liked that kind of flexibility, so the app took off outside of Chromebook users. Step 5) In the particular app we have, the “Device Monitor” tab automatically picks up the Dell printer that’s connected to the Wi-Fi network. Step 3) You should see your printer model here, but it needs to be setup.

That is the reason why installing a printer is done a bit differently from what you are used to. In this article, you can read how to connect a printer to Chromebook.

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Once you’ve made your selection, click “Clean and restart” for your drivers to be completely uninstalled. To do so, right-click on the device for which you wish to roll back the driver, then select “Properties” from the dropdown menu. In the device properties window, move to the “Driver” tab and click “Roll Back Driver”. A popup window will appear asking for feedback as to why you’re rolling back.

Each update comes with new features and eliminates all the drivers’ issues. As such, if any of the installed drivers is causing problems on your system, you must uninstall it to solve the problem. Right-click on the audio driver (e.g. NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device ) and select Uninstall device, as shown. To do that in Windows 11, press Win + X and select “Windows Terminal ” from the list of options. In Windows 10, you can directly select “Command prompt ” from the Win + X shortcut and open Command prompt from the Search menu. Clicking the DDU application may require another round of extraction. You should see an application file named “Display Driver Uninstaller” that will remove the old drivers.

Driver Fusion – specific PC health features

Expand the Print queues section and right-click on the targeted printer. Right-click on the targeted driver and select Update driver from the context menu.

how update drivers windows 8.1

Our Epson sx445 is quite old now and only works over USB which it does so without problem. We’re in the position of thinking about replacing it so we can use WiFi. Is there a printer/scanner unit that works with Chromebooks?

The inability to use a local network attached printer is the most irritating omission on the Chromebook. I can certainly understand Google’s lack of enthusiasm for maintaining printer drivers for however many thousand different printers there are out there!

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